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Choose Love Upcycled Vintage Tee

$ 40.00


Our ONE of a KIND Choose Love Tee's are crafted from 100% recycled vintage tee shirts and printed locally in Southern California.

Each one of our vintage tees are super soft from many years of wash and wear, reflecting all the character of reckless days of abandon, endless summers, and beers with friends.

Due to the fact each tee is a ONE OF A KIND we do not list each one individually and are only available by size and color combo.

••• Select your size and color combo ••• 

Available in two assorted color combos

WARM: reds, pinks, yellows

COOL: blues, greens, purples

Fits Modern Small - Med - Large 

SIZES: Small - Med - Large 

HELP KEEP ABORTION SAFE AND LEGAL  ••• 50% of each tee sold is donated to Yellow Fund And Planned Parenthood •••