Who we are…

LOVE FAUSTINE was born with a vision to change the way we shop for fashion.

It is a love-letter in style. 

She is optimistic, intelligent, and carbon-free. 

A visionary.  

Honoring the past while marching boldly into the future.


We believe that good style makes the world go round, but if we want our world to be around for much longer, change is in order.   Our contribution to saving our planet is by savoring the garments that are worth living a little longer, holding onto a little tighter and loving a little more. 

We present our high-styled collection of vintage treasures, with an underlining desire to deemphasize mass production and fast fashion, inviting you to take a more sustainable step into our future.  


Right now, people are buying and discarding clothing at record rates and donation centers have far more stuff than they could ever realistically resell.  The over production of cheaply made, disposable clothing is unfortunately, just that; disposable.  The fact is, most of what is donated to thrift stores will never be resold.  Instead these clothes are swiftly shipped overseas across the globe, ground down to rags or simply end up in landfills, destroying our natural resources more and more every day.

We believe its time to minimize our environmental waste and as a contributor in the fashion world, the most important thing we can do for our planet is to keep our clothing in use longer.  Hand selecting iconic survivors that were loved and lost from the closets of the world, we are extending the life cycle of pre-existing garments.  Creating distinctive style without adding to the world’s carbon footprint.  This is the driving force behind all that we do, collecting unique pieces and presenting them in a compelling and modern format for our customers, who may not have the time or the resources to find these gems on their own.


Our greatest resource is the time spent in the excavation and acquisition of these hard to find, iconic pieces.  We do not buy in bulk, all styles are hand selected. While cleaning, measuring, at times repairing and then styling and photographing the garments are all a part of our process; actually finding them is our biggest expenditure. We painstakingly obsess over each and every item, and then re-release it to the world with the hope for a new life full of adventure.