Nadia Bent Fleenor
Artist -  Yogi
Full of abundant energy, not to mention some killer roller skating moves and the best hair in the world we love her "joie de vie" and vibe! She might have just recently graced our pages but you will be sure to see more from this babe. You can catch Nadia on instagram @nawwd
What is your passion in life?
Creating something meaningful and traveling. 
Where do you find your style inspiration?
Lots of places, anywhere from old men to films. My mom and my heritage has been a big influence on me when it comes to my paintings and thoughts on interior design. For clothes I just like to wear whatever I feel like wearing. 
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My shamelessness. I understand the little kid that has chocolate all over their face and is wearing their sunglasses upside down.
Your biggest concern for our world right now?
Discrimination based on religion, race and color. And Trump.  
Guilty pleasure?
Watching Austin Powers and coconut milk chocolate ice cream.