Marley Arviso
An original in beauty and style, not to mention that she can rock any hair color she chooses from white to black and everything in between.  Carrying all the coolness of a true babe, through her genuine love for her family and friends to her killer sense of style, it makes you want to be a part of her tribe.  When she’s not modeling for other numerous photographers and cool brands you can catch her where 'bouts on instagram @marleyarviso 
What is your passion in life?
Dancing! I spent most of my life in a dance studio or on stage, I've been dancing since I was 8. It's one of my favorite things/feelings in the world. I don't take class as much any more but every once in a while I will dance around in my room and it's the best thing ever!!
Where do you find your style inspiration?
I pull inspiration from a lot of different places. Currently, I really like Winona Ryder's style circa late 80's early 90's (when she was dating Johnny Depp *swoon*). My uniform lately has been, a vintage pair of 501's, one of my many old band tee's that I have collected and a pair of Black oxford Dr. Martens, so I pretty much just look like a teenage boy or my mom circa 1993 haha! But when I'm putting a little extra effort into my look or I want to look more feminine I usually look toward the brand Reformation. I've collected quite a few of their dresses over the last few years, they have a vintage look and most of them are made of dead stock fabrics.
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I've been super introverted and pretty shy my whole life so I've become really good at being alone haha! That sounds kind of dark but it really helped me find a sense of independence and made me realize pretty early on that I don't have to rely on anyone else to be happy, feel good about myself or have fun. I have a great group of friends and an amazing boyfriend but I really value my time when I'm able to just be by myself and hang out. 
Your biggest concern for our world right now?
The fact that Donald Trump could potentially run the country is actually so freaking terrifying. I've never voted but I'm definitely going to be voting during this election so that does not happen. 
Guilty pleasure?
I'm really into makeup and skin care! Growing up dancing and performing all the time, I had to wear makeup on stage. I really love the process of sitting down in the morning, sipping my coffee, watching the news and putting on makeup. I love that I can completely change my look everyday if I want to. But another guilty pleasure is watching lots of TV. I LOVE TV SO MUCH and I watch damn near every kind of show. Parks and Recreation is hands down the best show ever made, I watch it every day. I reallllly love The Walking Dead as well, it stresses me out every time I watch it haha!