Erica Loewy


A designer of her own brand, Lola the label - Erica creates adorable tops all made in the USA.  A California native hailing from San Francisco and now living full time in LA  Erica stye is as effortless as it is cool. You can shop her designs or follow her on instagram @lolathelabel

What is your passion in life?
Besides loving everyone and everything  <3… my passion in life is to design, create, and make. 
Where do you find your style inspiration?
Omg… such a hard question. I love all things 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… Just the thought of dressing in a past time period, and imagining yourself there is really inspiring.
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Woman empowerment. I love supporting and inspiring other women. I think it’s really important to lift each other up - we’re all in it together. Girl power! <3
Biggest concern for our world?
The environment - love and save our planet! We need to remember that if the Earth isn’t here.. we won’t be either. Save water and recycle lovers!!!!
Guilty pleasure?
WELL a bag of hot cheetos every now and then will keep a smile on my face. But I’m also a serial collector. I have so many trinkets!