Camilla Werner Longo

Actress - Artist

A true creative in all shapes of the word, Camilla is a driven woman with a passion for living life to the fullest. When she's not running off to her next audition, she takes time to help run the Love Faustine instagram and be our model. She was our very first Faustine Fox, and even coined the phrase that we relish in using to describe our babes today! You can keep up with her journey by following her on twitter or instagram (and considering that she is a self proclaimed social media queen we're sure she won't disappoint): @camilla_roseee

What is your passion in life?
My passion in life is to create and to tell stories. It’s been burring in my soul for as long as I can remember. There’s never been a time when I didn't want to play make believe, connect with others, make art, and explore. So I keep at it today through acting, writing poetry, drawing, and continuing to learn and grow whenever I can. I’m always tinkering - what can I say? 
Where do you find your style inspiration?
Everywhere. A certain color will strike me and I’ll suddenly need to be wearing it. Or an old photograph will resurface and I’ll be inspired by it, wanting to recreate it in real life and time. I people watch a lot, and I always pay attention to details. I love looking to the 60s and 70s (and even the 80s occasionally) for inspiration but I also constantly find myself pulling ideas from films and magazines. I’m in love with the past, and anything that feels like it can be recycled. If I can find a dress and know that years down the line I will still love it (even if it doesn't fit me), then that’s magic. Oh, and also my mom *obviously* the OG fashion queen. 
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Where I come from and where I hope to go. Over time I’ve realized my home really has truly defined who I am as a person. It’s just something that has become more and more apparent the more I move through life, meet new people, and experience new things. My outlook has been so particularly shaped from being fortunate enough to grow up in Southern California with two creative, energetic, inspiring parents who exposed me to so much at such a young age and I am forever grateful for that. Knowing that my story is unique to me and that I will continue to write it with a hopeful and trusting mindset about my future. I am also learning to love the fact that I am an ever changing, malleable form, that will never stay one way for too long. (Which is both terrifying and exciting.) And my memory. I remember e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Which gets me in trouble a lot, but I am also able to recognize that it can be a blessing to be able to call back on whatever I want, whenever I want to. 
Biggest concern for our world?
Too many to name just one…I constantly worry about the state of our earth, the seemingly endless draught that we are in, global warming, and the depletion of our resources due to pollution, consumerism and carelessness. The surge in numbers of the homeless recently is increasingly concerning to me as well, and the lack of attention our government gives towards those who clearly have mental health issues. Things shouldn't be this difficult and help should be more available. It can be incredibly overwhelming to think about these things but is so important to take note of them and collectively make an effort towards changing our habits and asking the right questions in order to keep our planet around for as long as possible. 
Guilty pleasure?
Blue moon on draft. ;) Car dancing. Also eating in bed. I love it. 
Anyone who says otherwise hasn't fully lived yettttt.