Bridget Jacobs

Photographer - Artist

Bridget has been working and shooting with us since the beginning. Whether it's simply lending her amazing sense of input on style or shooting and collaborating on one of our look books, she's always an integral part to the process! You can see Bridget's work throughout  our site. She prefers to shoot on film and her eye for capturing the most interesting point of view of a garment or model is one we can never be without when completing a story.  For more of her work follow Bridget @bridgetleej 

What is your passion in life?
To be able to travel and love what i do, while surrounding myself with inspiring people.
Where do you find your style inspiration?
Everywhere! cliché as that sounds. I love old photographs and movies and the style they had back then. Fashion is a reoccurring thing. I like to learn about style from the past and find a way to make it my own and a little more modern. But most importantly, at the end of the day I wear what makes me comfortable and confident, regardless of what others may think.
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I love who I am. and having the ability to realize how I've a grown and how I can improve. Also to be understanding and able admit when I'm wrong, but also learning to stand up for myself when I'm right, or my opinion differs.
Biggest concern for our world?
The environment. I am even more cautious right now about my water use because of the drought. It makes me realize how much people waste and learn to be more selective of what i buy and how I use it, and to advocate for less waste! Waste Less, live more!
Guilty pleasure?
Late night ice cream and beer (or wine)!